RB Destination Guides: the index

Over the last several years I’ve traveled to eleven states and two Canadian provinces, blogging images while on the road as well additional images I didn’t have time to edit as I’ve had time off and on since then. One of my goals after my 2009 roadtrip was to sit down and create a series of posts/pages featuring selected destinations as well as recommendations for accommodations and shopping/food for each locale. Time got away from me and the idea slipped to the back of my mind.

So, beginning in Summer 2012, before life puts the idea on the back burner again, I’m featuring some of my favorite destinations from my 2009-2013 travels, where I stayed at (and if I recommend it or not!), and a few other travel tidbits for each destination. And, as time allows, beneath each destination linked below, I’ll add links to past posts featuring images from that locale as well.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Estes Park, Colorado

Jackson, Wyoming

Texas Route 66 (Shamrock to Glenrio)