About Christina

January 2014 Self Portrait by Christina McCall

Welcome! I’m Christina, the girl behind the curtain here at Route Bliss. 

How to pronounce the Route in Route Bliss …

Like this: root (like what’s attached to a plant). Rhymes with boot. How its pronounced in the oldies song “Get Your Kicks on Route 66.”

Not the version that rhymes with stout or gout.

(yes, it bugs me when its pronounced with the second version #sorrynotsorry)

What’s Route Bliss all about?

Route Bliss primarily focuses on travel (tips + destinations), photography (tips + there are lots of photographs throughout the archives), budgeting tips to make it possible to afford to go and do the stuff you really love … and  on occasion, blogging tips.

Posts go live in the early AM (US Central Time Zone) — depending on my motivation as well as this messy thing known as real life, there’s two, sometimes three posts a week if I’m super ambitious or on a writing streak.

Guest bloggers are featured periodically here at Route Bliss + in 2014, I launched the Bliss Seekers series, which features fellow travelers and bloggers.

And … finally, here’s a list of popular posts for those new to Route Bliss.

Who is Christina?

I’m a 30-something female who lives and works on the edge of Piney Woods of East Texas. I love to travel and read and I own enough cameras (nonworking vintage ones + functioning digital and film ones) to start my own traveling museum exhibit. I was fairly decent at track and cross-country half my life ago, but despite sucking at running now due to legit not too common orthopedic issues that have reared up in recent years, I trot along anyway. And I strength train too – free weights have become my stress reliever over the last few years – well I did until I had surgery in September 2015 for exertional compartment syndrome. I’ll get back to the running/strength training at some point in 2016.

Many moons ago or so it feels like, I earned a BBA in Finance + a M.S. in Criminal Justice, both from the same branch in the UT System; I’m four classes shy of my M.A. in Political Science with no plans on the horizon of finishing the remaining reqs. By weekday, I write lots of reports (and some other job duties that’s not up for discussion here on RB) for an agency in the public sector. I used to have a portrait photography business; now I just photograph stuff I love/places I’ve been & share the images here + sell prints.

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Want to know even more about me? Here you go …

… Lifelong Texan and wannabe vagabond that suffers from constant wanderlust.
… I’m a *flatlander* who’ll choose the mountains and hoodie weather over a tropical beach and Texas summer heat any day.
… Believer in the power of prayer and God.
… Canine lover and feline liker. Large breed dogs are my fave btw #sorrynotsorry.
 Been blogging since 2001 for myself, only became serious about it in late 2012. If there’s been a blogging platform or a blogging/journaling/diary site in existence in the last fifteen years, I’ve probably had an account on it or used it for a brief while although I’ve been loyal to WordPress since 2006.
… ISTJ — although I function pretty well as an extroverted introvert most of the time.
… Type A and an overachiever. You should see all my lists … and the multiple calendars that keep me mostly organized!
… I’m a weather junkie and seriously considered becoming a meteorologist once upon a time.
… I was the first graduate of the first freshman class at my university. It was a senior level university until the state legislature expanded it to a four-year institution just in time for me to enter college.
… I’m the slowest responder to emails that require more than a few word response. Many of my fellow bloggers and most of my friends can confirm this. I am actually apologetic about this one weakness of mine!
… Can’t stand the vast majority of alcoholic beverages. Give me a virgin or snow cone version of a margarita, daiquiri, or pina colada any day.
… Hot chocolate or hot tea or sweet iced tea any day based on the weather. Me and coffee have never been BFFs and probably never will be considering how the smell of it turns my stomach in the early AM. I guess I better hope I don’t marry a coffee lover one day!
… I use … and — a lot in my posts. I tend to write conversationally here since I have to be so factual and professional in what I write for my day job. There may be the occasional typo/spelling error that I miss despite reading over posts at least five times before hitting publish/schedule, but I don’t go all grammar nazi on my posts. I’m human, after all!
… Oh, and I’m actually quite sarcastic and sometimes snarky. I try not to let that side pop out here on RB but sometimes it sneaks through. Again, #sorrynotsorry.

(Headshot on sidebar taken by Megan Mueller-Weaver; image at the top of this page is a self-portrait taken by moi!)