Oh what a view {Yosemite NP}

When I went on hiatus nearly a year and a half ago, I was in the middle of sharing about my 2015 visit to Yosemite National Park. So before moving on to new destinations, I’ll continue with the last two planned posts for the park — today being our stop at Tunnel View.

Most who’ve only seen photographs of the park, associate Yosemite with this iconic view that was made famous by Ansel Adams. It was also one of the spots in the park my dad was looking most forward to seeing, as it contained El Capitan in its expanse. The Tunnel View Overlook has also been one of the locations used for citizenship/naturalization ceremonies;as awe-inspiring as the view itself is, I can only imagine the emotions that would overwhelm me if I were an immigrant becoming a U.S. citizen in this spot.

Oh, what a view indeed!

Above: El Capitan (left) Clouds Rest (second from left), Half Dome (just right of center), Cathedral Spires (right of Half Dome), and the bottom of the Cathedral Rocks (right). Sentinel Dome is peaking up above the spires.

Cathedral Rocks, Bridalveil Falls (which was a trickle when we were there in mid-July thanks to the drought), and Leaning Tower.

“The world is big and I want to have a good look at it before it gets dark.” John Muir

We arrived early afternoon to the overlook (having spent the morning in the Wawona and Glacier Point areas of the park), and happened to luck in to finding a parking spot — when we arrived, most of the spots were full, but within ten minutes, many visitors pulled out to head on into the valley as we did. Crowd-wise, it wasn’t that packed compared to locations within the Valley or Glacier Point.

Both the tunnel (which I’m passing on sharing as my photos were less than spectacular from the combination of the dark as well as being in a moving vehicle) and the overlook are listed on the National Register of Historic Places and the overlook was renovated and rededicated in 2008.

How to get to Tunnel View

Coming in from the south/Wawona, travel through the Wawona Tunnel on Hwy 41. The viewpoint is immediately north of the tunnel. Parking is available on the right side of the road heading in to the Valley (pictured above); for those traveling back from the Valley, there is parking on the right (left in this photo) as well. Be careful as you cross the road from the south parking area (there is a crosswalk).

For more information about, visit the Yosemite NPS website.

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Have you ever visited Yosemite? What is your favorite spot in the park?

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