Welcome 2018!

Hello everyone! Happy (belated) 2018! I’m in the process of gearing back up to return to blogging here on Route Bliss. While I wrap up some stuff behind the scenes + catch up on photo editing, I wanted to pop in to share some of my 2018 intentions + share some of the behind the scenes changes here on RB …

First, the intentions:

#1: Catch up on photo editing from last few years (2015 travels through now)

I was somewhat good at editing photos in advance of blogging until the 2015 roadtrip (granted it was a two + week trip), but since before the hiatus started last year, I’ve fallen way behind. While I’ve traveled a lot since then and have a lot of travels to share, I need to catch up on editing all of the photos so I can just write blog posts and insert images whenever I want to share a destination for the sake of becoming more efficient and having time for other things. 

#2: Begin teaching myself how to do hand lettering

I received some hand lettering items for Christmas, so I want to get serious at learning how to write pretty scripty works of art.

#3: Learn how to use the pressure cooker (i.e. instant pot)

While we have a two in one slow cooker/pressure cooker we acquired last spring, I need to learn how to use it. Right now anything that we use the device for, mainly stew and ribs, Davis preps/cooks.

#4: Photo projects:

  1. 52 weeks on instax. I got a new instax camera for Christmas from Davis (my other one has gone MIA in last year and a half’s worth of moves, plus its ginormous in terms of how much space it takes up while traveling). Between the gift + a groupon deal where I stockpiled a lot of film, I’ve got enough to take a photo a week (in addition to a few extra packs for travels).
  2. #100daysofhappiness. I’ve see a few IG’ers I follow that have participated in this hashtag, so I hope to manage to post 100 days of happiness, even if the 100 days are scattered throughout 2018.
  3. Film SLR photography. I have several rolls of film I need to develop + I want to pull the camera out more often than I have the last couple of years.

#5: Teach Davis more about photography

Davis has expressed a desire to learn more about photography, so I hope to teach him more about composition as well as how to shoot in manual mode over the course of the year. So far I’ve bought him a book on photography basics that he’s slowly progressing through.

[wondering just who this Davis person is that I’ve mentioned twice now? click here. Hint: he’s that guy to the right that I’m pictured with!]

As for behind the scenes, I was in the process of moving the site to a new server, but that didn’t pan out the way I wanted it to, so for now, the site is still on the same server with the occasional down time that seems to be unexplainable (I have too much on this account I’d lose between RB and CMP if I switch, plus having to buy new licenses to run blogging/portfolio software/templates with a move).

Also, Davis will be joining in on the blogging fun in the months to come — as we start sharing destinations we’ve visited together, you’ll ‘see’ him as he’ll help with writing posts as well as his images as he begins using my camera gear.

So, while I finish up technical updates + start drafting new posts, what would you all like to see in the weeks and months to come? I’d like input for those who’ve stuck around + those new to RB. There’s no deadline to filling the survey below out, so please, let me know 🙂

In the meantime, what do you have planned for the start of 2018? Any goals or intentions you’ve set? Share in the comments below …

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