Half Dome from Glacier Point {Yosemite NP}

Leaving Washburn Point, we headed on to the end of the road that leads out to Glacier Point. If you’ve followed some of the more popular travelers/photographers on IG, you’ve seen variations of the first two images below …


Zigzagging along the road, you come around a curve to this beautiful sight …


At the end of the road, we parked in the crowded lot and made our way down to the viewpoint.


glacier-point-nature-rules-signThe sign … 👍

(the bottom says “Don’t follow the crowd”)

So … in not following the crowd, I snapped a few photos from up above, then we headed back to the car to the less crowded and equally beautiful Washburn Point to eat lunch before heading out. half-dome-from-glacier-point

Up next in the 2015 Roadtrip series in October … we’ll be heading down into Yosemite Valley.