Self Portrait: August 2014

Month eight … I’ve now tied my previous monthly self portrait streak. So much easier this time around … *crosses fingers and knocks on wood to not jinx herself*

Another cell phone selfie of my newest hat in my bad hair day hat collection … purchased from Katydid Collection (thanks to Sarah at Venus Trapped in Mars for sharing about this online shop!). Its kinda hard to tell in this photo, but there’s rhinestones around the outline of the Texas 🙂 I’m too lazy/tired/busy to email the photo from my phone to my computer to watermark & upload it, so the embedded IG one will have to suffice this time around.

I’d planned on using the photos I took of my August Stitch Fix box here for this month’s self portrait; however, when the entire box is a miss despite all the details and feedback I provided, convincing myself to download the images from the SD card just didn’t happen last weekend so I could get one those images edited and online for this post. Since I mentioned it on IG that I’d share it here on the blog, I will soon, probably on an upcoming Monday Monday post …

Since I shared a number of things on this post earlier this month, I’m skipping out on sharing the last five of 34 facts 😉 Instead, I’m jumping on the ‘currently’ bandwagon from here on out …

Currently I’m …

Reading: lots of Kindle ebooks I found in their top 100 free section. Oh and House of Bliss‘s guide on about pages …
Watching: The Newsroom. Finally got to it on my Netflix queue … pretty good so far.
Wanting: She Reads Truth to put out an iPad and/or Android version of their app …
Thinking: Ready to get away (as of when I put this post together on Sunday) for Labor Day weekend!
Needing: Sleep. A few more days off work beyond my four day weekend
Photographing: the BFF’s bridals this weekend … Little Rock readers, you might just spot me around the city tomorrow if you’re in the right places at the right times and its not pouring down rain!
Feeling: Exhausted. Its been a long month personally and professionally. Thankful and grateful that dad is on the upswing; we came so close to losing him a few weeks ago.
Loving: My new cap (the one above) + my new iPad Mini I snagged last week when Target had them $100 off (anyone looking for a barely used original Kindle Fire at a good price? I have one looking for a good home!).
Cooking: Baked chicken (same prep as when I grill it, but baking instead) + steamed veggies a lot lately
Listening: to my Luke Bryan Pandora station a lot lately …
Planning For: Bridal portraits for the BFF + some behind the scenes ideas I’ll shoot before her wedding & at the exit (official photog is photographing the ceremony + most of the reception). Pinterest thinks I’m wedding planning for myself, however … not even close, Pinterest, not even close.
Stressing: Said wedding reception exit photos. I gotta start practicing people walking through sparklers so I can nail it on the first take in six weeks!

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