Casey’s Favorite Road Trips

Hi Route Bliss readers
I’m Casey from True Colours and I’m so excited to be here guest posting today. I’ve been a fan of Christina’s for a while now and her passion for the open road and seeing what’s out in front of us is totally inspiring. I do a lot of traveling and over the years, one of my favorite thing about spots around the world have been driving through the countries, experiencing more than just the cities. So here in no particular order are some of my favorite road trips that I’ve experienced, near and far!

Being based in Oregon, there is so much see in the Pacific North West, that often a road trip is the best way to take in the gorgeous scenary that my home has to offer.  A few months ago my husband and I made the 3 hour drive from Portland to Eastern Washington State, a drive full of rolling hills and wind farms, mountain forests and road-side streams.  The drive is breath-taking and totally unique to this part of the world. 

Where to stay when you arrive: Desert Wind Winery
Don’t miss: the scenic drive through the Columbia River Gorge as you make your way East.

A couple years ago our Thanksgiving plans opened up a few weeks before the holiday and not wanting to waste a holiday weekend, we booked tickets for Iceland, a place that had been at the top of our list for a while. We hopped on a flight to
Reykjavik and embraced four days in this gorgeous country. We spent one whole day driving around the Icelandic countryside with a guide, which gave us the option to stop at spots along the way that the normal tours don’t cover. We watched the sun rise over Thingvelir (where the first Viking parliament began), stopped to nuzzle Icelandic horses and took in the sunset over the ocean and Southern beaches. It’s still a day I remember with magical memories.

Tip to hiring a guide: Spend the extra money to hire a personal guide. They will offer a more private experience and have some great knowledge of fantastic spots.
Don’t miss: Thingvelir and Gulfoss

For Memorial Day last year, my husband and I spent the long weekend road tripping through New England. We based ourselves in Boston and spent one day driving North to Maine and another day driving South through Cape Cod and Rhode Island. The scenery is gorgeous here and totally worth the adventure, but add in lighthouses galore, lobster rolls and scenic cliffs, this is a road trip not to miss in your life.Planning tip: Plan out a directional itinerary and know where you want to stop, but leave room for unintentional stops as well.
Don’t Miss: Newport, Rhode Island – this town was by far our favorite!

Last November, we spent time exploring the UK and Ireland. In Scotland, we based ourselves in Edinburgh and rented a car to make the drive up the coast to lovely little St. Andrews. It was such a wonderful experience and besides the experience of driving on the “wrong” side of the road, we took in gorgeous Scottish countryside and stopped in little charming towns along the way.

Where to stay: Don’t miss the experience of staying in the Hotel Missoni in Edinburgh. It’s the perfect jumping off point and a fantastic experience!
Don’t miss: Sticky toffee pudding in a Scottish pub!

Along with Scotland, we also road tripped through Northern Ireland, renting a car in Belfast and driving North along the coast. We stopped in towns like Bushmills (famous for their whiskey) and had one of the best meals of our travels, explored the Giant’s Causeway and walked through ruined castles along the cliffs. Driving through miles and miles of green fields and sheep roaming along, you realize “this is Ireland.”

Driving tip: Research the speed zones before you get in the car when driving abroad. Ireland doesn’t post their speeds, you just have to know them.
Don’t miss: The tiny town of Bushmills (eat at the Bushmills Inn) and the views on the Giant’s Causeway.

Thanks so much Casey for guest blogging on this Wanderlust Wednesday … if you haven’t been to her blog, you’re missing out! I love her travel tips and vicariously traveling along with her and her husband, Nick, via the True Colours blog 🙂