RB Roadtripping: Moving Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Today Caity of Where The Heart Is will be filling in for me while I’m trying to catch up with real life and my inbox … hope you all have a great weekend!

Hey readers! I’m Caity, a wanderlusting lover and blogger over at Where The Heart Is. I’m an American girl who, after a life-changing study abroad experience in London, is currently in the mix of moving back to England to make a life for myself.  I blog about my daily life, past travels, and preparations to becoming a UK expat.

And that’s all apart of what I’m here to talk to you about now – moving out of your comfort zone.

If you were to come up to me three years ago and ask me about my thoughts on moving to another country, I would have no words.  Nothing of the sorts had ever crossed my mind, and I was way too accustomed to my daily life to even think of something so drastic.

You want to know another word for that description? I was knee-high deep into my comfort zone.

It happens to most of us. We see what’s in front of us, and think that it’s all we can have.

What we don’t realize, is that there’s an entire world out there that you don’t know about.  Groups of different people you have yet to interact with.  Cultures you aren’t even aware exist.

If you stick within what you already know and are comfortable with, you’ll never give yourself the opportunity to get out there to experience the things that may leave a lasting impression and impact on your life and what you want.

It changes you.

You see someone in yourself you didn’t know before.

You learn new things about yourself you hadn’t known before,

about something you may be passionate for that you had no idea,

about the strength and confidence you had in yourself to do something.

Making that first step towards adventure is the toughest, but having some insight of how it will effect you may make it easier.

All it takes is a small moment of insane courage, and your possibilities become endless.

And after that first leap, pushing your boundaries start to become easier and easier.

Hell, I hesitatingly forced myself outside my comfort zone to spend a few months abroad, and now I’m moving across the world to make a permanent life change.

If that doesn’t show you the extent to which an adventure can affect you, I don’t know what will.

Sure, I could be given an argument that not everyone needs to travel, you know who you are and that’s not something you have ever thought about,  yadda yadda yadda.

But you know that age old saying, ‘those who say they don’t need to travel, clearly haven’t travelled.’

And it’s true.

Ask one person who took an adventure if they would be living the life they are now had they not made that jump.

I guarantee you will not find a person who doesn’t admit their travels have changed their lives.

So, do me a favor.

Get out in the world. Take an adventure.

Because if you don’t know what’s out there, how do you know what’s waiting for you?

Thanks again Caity for filling in today with such a great post!

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