Monday Monday!

Monday Monday

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Last week by the numbers …
# of times I got the hiccups in one day: 4 (I’d like to think that means my muscles were growing …)
# of things I forgot at the office on Wednesday afternoon: 2
# of days off work: 1
# of days I wish I’d had off work: 5
# of evenings I didn’t turn my computer on: 3 (because I passed out before 7 pm)
# of sore throats that I inherited from coworkers: 1
# of mugs of apple cider, apple juice, and hot tea consumed: lost count once I ran out of fingers …

Is it February yet? I just want a month of being healthy … that’s not too much to ask, is it?



Is your online persona really you? via Nadine at Back East Blonde (for those that know me in real life, what do you think? For those who wonder why I don’t get terribly in-depth about my life, here’s why)

Blogging 101: When Blogging Isn’t Fun Anymore via Living in Another Language (I know I’ve burned out multiple times over the last decade plus … Amanda shares some great reasons and tips for why you should continue onward)

Thinking of getting a tattoo? Susannah Conway shares her thoughts as well as some tips for caring for new tattoos

Blogging & Social Media Guide for Beginners via Postcards From Rachel (I know I’m breaking #1 by not having @routebliss as mine, but seeing as I have a photography business that existed prior to this blog, I didn’t want to change usernames and confuse my early followers! Plus someone in South Africa claimed the twitter handle already. Oh, and if you’re looking for my social media links — they’re at the very top of the site!)

How to do a Handstand via Huffington Post (I haven’t done a headstand in years so this will be helpful!)

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