Eleven Twelve Thirteen

Starry Night at the Farm by Christina McCall
Starry Night at the Farm – Henderson County, Texas

Special post today just because its 11.12.13. Plus I wanted an excuse to share this photo taken during the new moon on the 2nd 😉 Shadow self portrait wasn’t a part of the plan … just wish you could tell how cold I was!

For the curious … and the fact I mentioned I’d try to post a mini how-to tutorial this week to make up for not getting the monthly how to post online …

The image above is a single exposure that was shot at ISO 3200 for 30 seconds @ f/2.8 with the Canon 5D original + Rokinon 14 mm lens (on a tripod with a wireless remote). The foreground illumination is due to an outside light a few hundred feet north of / behind me (this is one of the lowest spots on the property in a valley between two hillsides that blocked most of the outside lights in the area except for the one behind me and the two visible – one on the left and the one in the center of the image). The glow on the horizon is my hometown approximately four miles south.

Edited in Lightroom using one of Dave Morrow’s night sky presets, then pulled into Photoshop to run a defog action (one I use is no longer available for sale) + a film edit (using a Red Leaf film action) to mute the green grass a bit.

For a more comprehensive night sky photography tutorial, Dave Morrow’s is one of the best I’ve found so far … although experimenting with settings is how I seem to learn best. This particular image was the first one I shot that evening … I switched up the ISO on some shots (from 500 to 3200) as well as the shutter speed (6 seconds to 30 seconds).