goals, dreams, and the start of something new

I’ve worked in two different fields since graduating from college over a decade ago … one that encouraged individuals to go after their goals and dreams and laid the foundation to achieving them; the other field, unfortunately, usually means someone has strayed from their goals and dreams, whether by bad choices or letting others (or substances) change their way of thinking. I’ve seen a lot of individuals conquer what they thought was impossible — what someone told them they would never do or achieve. I’ve also seen and been the bearer of bad news in the field I work in now — having to tell someone that because of their decision that led to them sitting across the desk from me, that what they’ve always wanted to do or achieve most likely won’t be possible. That the reality is that they are stuck in the rut they ultimately made the decision to land in. Not the most favorite part of my job, I assure you, especially when it hits them while they’re sitting there across from me and all I can do is hand over kleenex.

I don’t like crushing dreams. That was the one job duty I didn’t anticipate having when I went to college.

I also don’t like the Debbie Downers who tell others to be realistic, not to dream, not to push the limits of what is possible.

I’d rather help someone conquer the impossible and prove others wrong — that they did it despite the naysayers and Debbie Downers or whatever odds were against them.  What’s wrong with failing at something you go after? Its better than always playing it safe, never taking a risk, never even bothering to even TRY.

I’ll admit, I’m typically a realist. I”m not an idealist, ideology-wise. There are some aspects of my life I don’t take very many risks with — I like having a stable job, a steady income, health insurance, paid time off (vacation and sick), money in the bank for a rainy day and for retirement. But when it comes to my dreams and goals, nothing has galled me more than when someone tells me to be realistic.

Excuse me … but eff that dear dream crusher.

I may not say that aloud in response, but I assure you, I’m thinking it (and a bit more) and the look I’ll give you is exactly the not so family friendly version of that response.

For some reason, growing up, certain people told me I shouldn’t do or try stuff or that I wouldn’t/couldn’t accomplish something. Or they’d rub in the accomplishments of others so much that I got sick of it. I’m so stubborn and bullheaded that I did those things just to prove them wrong. I think I got more of a high off proving others wrong growing up than I did in accomplishing the actual feats.

So … in wrapping up this long monologue in a way that sounds like the beginning of a well known speech …

I have a dream … that one of these days (maybe several years down the road; maybe not quite that long if the stars and everything else that has to fall into place for it to happen) I will be able to follow the less chosen path. To stop being so daggum realistic and settling rather than taking a chance. To not give a flying flip to keep up with the Jones. To want less materialistic crap and do/see/experience more during my time on earth.

The start of it is the site you’re currently reading this post on — the start of following the less chosen path is finding its beginnings in the form of the merger of my personal and photography blogs.

route bliss by christina mccall

 While much of the contents of the photography blog and personal blogs’ archives are now on this site and I will continue to share images from past travels as well as other subjects I photograph, there will be some new themes here — the roadtrip tips image at the top of the homepage is one of the topics I’ll be blogging about monthly as well as having guest blogger features on travel related topics.

In the next few weeks, I’ll be relocating the photography blog archives onto another part of christinamccall.com and converting it into a portfolio site; my personal blog as it is now will soon be redirecting to the new site.

Welcome to Route Bliss … have a look around … and return often!