Friday Miscallany

The entrance to the Lois Perkins Chapel at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas

The Weekly Business Blurbs:

— Spotted this article on print sizing via a photography forum I belong to — Amy Ro Photography: Bigger is Better. She illustrates (with the use of a couch and a mantel) what an 8×10 up to a 16×24 (and beyond) look like displayed. Think an 8×10 is huge? Not in comparison to a 16×24 its not! And when on display above the mantel or couch, it doesn’t have that *wow* factor compared to a larger wall print. For CMP clients, if you’d to see sizing samples or meet up when your gallery launches to view samples in person — from 5×7 up to 20×30 — just let me know and we’ll meet for an in-person ordering session. CMP Clients also have access to the Wall Design Guide for additional decorating inspiration!

— Thanks to the reader who spotted one of CMP’s images in the most recent edition of The Wedded Bliss! If you don’t have a copy, go get one and flip to the vendor advertisement section and look for Lydia Covey’s ad — the image featured is from this session held a year ago this week!

The random non-business blurb: Since its been work, work, work all week … here’s some of my recent flickr favorites/inspirations as of late …

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