So … its been a little quiet around here the last few weeks. With the last month filled with a few major things, I lacked the time and motivation to pull up this blog and work on it for the most part.

Lately I’ve been …

Celebrating … the National Park Service turning 100 years old today! I wish I could be at a national park today, but it just wasn’t in the cards … but I’ll visit a few this fall to make up for it!

Watching … the Rio Olympic Games. I missed watching the opening ceremonies for the first time in 20 years (was on vacation in 1996 that weekend) because of something listed further below. But I caught most of the rest of the coverage of what I wanted to see in swimming, track and field, and gymnastics — my tv didn’t change channels for two weeks. Would have been great if some of the not so popular sports would have been on NBC, especially since an area girl was competing and I never saw anything about here except the local news channel (I don’t have/never had cable or satellite to see the other networks the Games air on). Now I’m back to watching other stations and exploring Hulu & Amazon Prime Video. Any recommendations on shows to binge watch on those two now that I have oodles of bandwidth at my disposal?

Reading … just finished reading Everything We Keep* by Kerry Lonsdale. I can’t remember if this was an Amazon First Reads choice or if it is one of the books I got through my Kindle Unlimited subscription. Loved this story from start to finish.

*affiliate link btw

Seriously contemplating … resuming my portrait business. I’m kinda close to pulling the trigger on making an announcement — since its been awhile since I’ve shot any portraits of any kind (my best friend’s engagement and bridal portraits in 2014 were the last ‘major’ things I’ve shot), I have a quick session lined up soon with a friend’s son to see if its going to happen. Meanwhile I’ve been busy updating my old portrait site information to be ready to go live when I do decide what I’m going to do.

Cardio workout by default … moving and unpacking. I moved a bit closer to work earlier this month. Long story short, I’m never moving in August again if I can help it. 100+ degrees on the two major moving days. Sunburned clearing stuff out of storage the weekend before. A part on my AC went out within the first week. But … I’m close enough to run home at lunch most days and could watch some daytime Olympics coverage too!

How was your August? Any plans for the month ahead? 

I missed posting last week here on RB … and pretty much here this week too (what I planned to post, that is). Haven’t posted on my Route Bliss IG account in a couple weeks either.

That’s because I’m a bit preoccupied with other things (besides the Rio Olympics) that I’ll share later this month.


Meanwhile, this place + the RB IG account will be quiet for another week or so. I’ll catch up on comments then as well.

Hope you all have a great August!

image from unsplash